grcs handle storage

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Here is what I came up with for storing the handle while working the winch.

Dont expect Greg Good to sanction this, but it works for me.
I clip it onto the yellow strap.

I used the spring clip from two tape measures....

One handle has the clip on the underside which means that the handle sticks out at right angles to the trunk, kind of in the line of fire from falling debri.
The other has the clip on the side so the handle lays against the trunk.

I think I will stick with the side mounted clip....

Hey Butch!
Your site is MUCH easier to post pictures! Thanks for the site.
As opposed to what other site? I hate how you can only attach one pic at the Buzz. That's why I rarely start a pic thread over there.
i just toss it on the ground under the grcs along with the bar. some times the gap between the strap and the tree is just the right size ill hang it on the strap
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MB, the buzz is what I was talking about. I also had trouble at the Brit. site.

sotc, yes I do, or did the same thing. Except that their have been a few times when I needed to grap the damm thing quick and could'nt find it....right away.

I also mentioned the easy pix posting here because lately, we have all had trouble with the speed of this site. Not good to only mention trouble and not mention the good stuff as well...............
Thanks Butch
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And for those that haven't seen it, here's my solution:


Around new years I will have time to make a couple of these. I can raffle them off here so people can trying them out.

THe reason you take it off is to not break it when a branch comes down and slams it right?
It seems like the leather might get tore in an accidental impact. That's better than a broken handle, but would still make me sad.