Got my report card today


Young man on the go
Mar 6, 2005
Went from academic probation to President's list in 1 semester. I highlighted the pertinent parts. I woulda had straight A's, but I tanked my second paper, I finished it the morning before I went to CT. Ran outta time with the wreck and all.

Either way, I'm stoked!

Are you spending less time at the shooting range and more in the library? Good work.....:D
What I gather from looking at the report is that if I'm hurt and you're around, hopefully I didn't get hurt by something that was covered in one of the FIVE days you weren't in First Aid class!!!!!

Just kiddin...I'm glad they didn't document absences on my transcript!

Congrats on the prez list.

Awesome LJ! Academic probation to President's list, at this rate you will be the President in a few more semesters.
Way to go Carl!
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See Ya
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Ha thanks everyone :) :)

Actually I spent far more time slinging lead this semester than when I was in school earilier (a took 3 or so semesters out).

Nick, that teacher is an idiot. I wrote a detailed letter about her after I was withdrawn from her class after missing 5 days. I think in all I missed 6 of her classes, not counting the ones she didn't bother to show up for.

The class I got the B in I enjoyed enough that I'm taking another class (creative writing 2) from him. He allowed me to skip the first class and go straight to the second. I woulda had an A in there but when I waited (like usual) to do my second paper, I had a wreck and lost a few days time. I finished that paper, printed it out, and headed out to the air port, dropping it off in a friends mailbox so she could turn it in for me.

21 hours next semester... If I make straight A's I will have a 3.0 even, which will be quite wild :):)
Carl, that's a goat card....BAAAA.

We're looking for that smooth, relaxed sound...AAAAA.

Just playin', friend. Great work for sure.

(BTW, I thought the same thing as Nick...exactly what injuries should I avoid when I am around you???) :P
Great Job, I would post my old ones but it would look like a swear word.
Keep it up.

They keep attendance?? Yikes! I'd have been screwed if they did that in my day.
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When I first started college they didn't report it on the transcript. However my Colonel did get a list of days missed. I pushed for a while when I had 17 absences at mid term in Chemistry. He didn't seem impressed with my B.