Good Books to Read Your Kid(s)

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Mar 9, 2005
I mentioned on another thread that Haley and I just finished reading Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach. I love Dahls' books and we've read a couple so far. What books did you love to read as a kid? What books did your kids have fun hearing? I had two older brothers and was reading science fiction books by Ray Bradbury when I should have been reading The Wizard of Oz and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I didn't comprehend most of what I was reading because I was too young. Now that I have a kid I want to read all the great kid books that I missed.
I have about 25 bankers boxes full of all my books from when I was a kid and teen. I cant make myself throw them out or sell them, I am hoping Jr will take to books like his pops. I remember reading all of stephen king's books when I was about 14, before that I read most of the Hardy Boys books, I laughed when the grade 9 teacher said we were doing Orwell's 'animal farm' and 1984 as book report projects, I was stoked as I had read them three years before. :)
Loved the Tolkien books, Shannara series etc. I read lots of stuff, glad I did, wish I had more time to read more now...
When I took my daughters to cheerleading practice everynight my son and I read "A Bridge Too Far". The only books I can remember my Dad reading ot us were Dr. Seuss and the Briar Rabbit series
is it fashioned like the movie? I used to watch the old WW2 movies with my pops, if I catch them these days on the tube and have time, I watch'em again, for memories sake.
bridge too far, kellys heroes, guns of navarone, the longest day, great escape, dirty dozen, Iwo Jima etc etc... :)

and the good, the bad and the ugly. cant get that whistling tune out of my head. :D
As a kid I loved anything by Richard Scarry. Now I have my own, they too are obsessed by anything Scarry.
Darin, While she is still little "Edward Fudwupper Fibbed Big" and all of the 'Jennie B Jones" books are fun. Of course the Wnnie the Pooh stories and classics llike Lewis Carrolls-Alice books are timeless. As she matures you will probably want to search out texts such as "The Care and Feeding of Geriatric Parents."
When they get to be around 10 start getting anything written by Gary Paulsen. The one called "The Hacket" is of his better known ones. They are all good. My son's English teacher told us any of Gary's books would be accepted for book reports. Everyone that I bought for my son I read my self. The one I got the biggest laugh from is called " How Angel Peterson Got His Name". DO NOT try to drink a beer and read this one you well be spraying everything in the room.
For those of you whose kids are starting to read "The Bears in the Night" was really good because they could tell from the picture exactly what was happening and it then repeated it in reverse order. I don't know who the author was, but I think it was part of the Berenstein Bears series.
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Thanks everyone. I love reading to Haley at night.

Ed, I had a lot of Richard Scarry books as a kid too.
Hey Darin, PM me your address, I'll send you a "Mouse About the House" book. It's been our Number 1 best seller for ten years. :dance:
Paul, I enjoyed Piers Anthony's Xanth books also but one should be cautious of old Piers-some of his writing is pornographic and dabbling in pedophilia and bestiality.:O
Stumper, thanks for the heads up, I had read some with a bit of racy stuff in it but havent encountered anything extreme. The Xanth series should be pretty safe I would think?
As far as sci fi goes, Phillip K. Dick is my favorite. But definitely not for Haley....

Don't forget Charlotte's Web.
Have you read all the Oz books?

There are:
Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz
The Emerald City of Oz
The Scarecrow of Oz
Tik Tock of Oz

...and many many more.

The publisher is, Morrow
The Runaway Ralph ( mouse on a motorcycle) books were good and the "Great Brain" series. Lots of other great ones mentioned already.:)

My favorite is "Herbert the Pervert Likes Sherbert".;)
Hardy Boys and the Box Car Children should provide her with a year or two of reading :)

Around 7-8 I started collecting/reading more technical books. I got my first encyclopida set around then (condensed) for free, read them a few times. I like some fiction, but typically I'd rather learn.