Hey there MB,
No, you didn't scare me off. I do check out this site a bunch and you all provide a great environment to learn from. Thanks. I'll try to respond and share more.
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I wouldn't say that.

So how did you find us? And do you have a first name? Mine's Butch.
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Cool. Pull up a chair and sit a spell, Cris.

Have you been in the biz long? Your profile is lacking...
Welcome, Chris. Interesting avatar....whatcha doin', deflating an inflatable?
Thanks for the welcomes. The avatar photo is me and my girlfriend from my last Grand Canyon trip in January. We were on the river for 28 days...297 miles.
What part of N. Arizona? I've been around there a bit...

P.S. It takes a while to get on Skwerl's good side, after three years I'm giving up...