free digital tv converter boxes


Sep 6, 2006
central Florida
I've been seeing a lot of stories in the news lately about the upcoming change in TV broadcasting next year. The US government is requiring all broadcasters to discontinue analog broadcasting next year and at that point all of our old TVs will no longer work unless you have a digital converter box. The article I just read this morning explains it better and also links to a government site that is providing free coupons worth $40 towards the purchase of a converter box.
That's my excuse to go digital. They just built a Circuit City here and DAMN! I ain't NEVER seen so many TV's under one roof!
interesting. we got a box for christmas from my parents, cost them 59.99, then the cable company sent a flyer around, we got a second one for 24.99.... costs about 50 for the half decent package a month plus 2 bucks for the extra cable box.
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Finally got my two coupons in the mail today. Each one is worth $40 off the cost of a digital converter box, and they are good for 90 days from the date of mailing.

Also, Verizon won the majority of the airwave spectrum auctions. Who knows what they will do with all that additional capacity, but I have some of their stock. ;)
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Just a follow up. I bought a couple converter boxes (about $25 each with taxes after the coupon) and got one hooked up to the tv in my bedroom. The picture quality from the digital signal is fantastic compared to the analog signal I was getting with just the antenna alone. I know most of you folks here have cable so this doesn't matter to you, but for those of you still using an antenna it is definitely worthwhile to get the converter box rather than ditch your old tv and buy a new digital tv.

Supplies were short at several stores, and each store only had one model for sale. But from what I've read, they are all the same inside anyway.
I remember my pops getting 'frugal' when I was in my teens and hooking an antenna rig up in the attic for a year or so. we didnt get squat on TV, I dont think I missed much to be honest.