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Dec 6, 2005
So. Oregon
i havent used my SRT for awhile and i broke it out today. i went to put my weight on the foot ascender and the bottom strap started slipping. id go 15 feet and have to stop and put it together. tried many different ways and couldnt get it to hold. am i missing something or is there a special way to route the strap?


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mine has never slipped like that.

Lemme see how its routed
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i tried 4 different ways including that burnham. that did work the best but still slipped. its neever slipped on me before
Thread the strap from the outside, in the top slot and out the bottom slot. You're missing the wear sleeve, which also acts to help hold the strap tail as well. Mine slipped right from the first day so I sewed it together. It's 6 years old and has never slipped since, and my sewing job has held up as well.
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i wasnt missing the wear sleeve this morning:dur:
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that seems to be the best brian. hopefully it will hold next time
Mine held for abut a year and then started slipping, too. Got so frustrated with it and cant sew so i eventually tied a knot in it.
I can't sew either, I used braided fishing line and a needle that I use for whipping splices. It doesn't have to be pretty. :|:
Like I said, Mine hasn't slipped yet. Had it for over 5 year now.
Thread the tail so that it ends up on the inside of the plate. Then tuck the tail of the webbing under the part that weaves through the slot on the plate. It will end up making a 90 degree turn in it's path. Tuck it from front to back so that the tail is towards your heel. Cinch up the slack and it shouldn't creep again.
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like so?


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Try this. It was hard enough to loosen up for the pic, let alone slip while climbing.


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When I saw the tuck like in B's pic I had a huge head-slap...what a simple, and adjustable solution. this is after I had sewn mine to fit my climbing boots.

Another similar solution to B's is to tuck the webbing under itself between the slots. the strap would make a 90 degree turn towards the back. the only thing this does is keep the tail tucked inside. If the webbing is too stiff it might not compress itself in that little space.