Fishing....... Minnesota style

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I tried to peep it but my p.c. is just a grinding old heap...
Fishing is good for the soul !!!
My parents live in Brainerd, and my Dad was on the ice today.

And Mille Lacs is my favorite musky lake btw....
That is wild! I would be scared of the ice not holding. Do you hear of the ice failing very much up there?
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Gigi- right now the ice is over 2 feet thick. Strong enough to move a house across. And yes every year someone goes through the ice, but its becuase they dont wait for the ice to become thick enough to safely be out on.

MB- most ice houses will have everything set up to run on 12 volt dc or ac converted from dc.

Jeff- next time you are in the state contact me, we'll hit the lake together!!
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Yup- either that or a generator.
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Im more of a Walleye man myself, but Im game for Musky. Pike opens on May 10th. That particular weekend I'll probably be seeking out Walleye on Clearwater lake, but Im sure a pike or 3 would be welcomed.

What lake do you fish in Brainerd?
Virginia I went ice fishing on Wildhorse Lake north of Elko Nevada once and we went to the west side of the lake and started fishing. We didn't know it but that side of the lake is part of an Indian reservation and this Indian guy came out on the ice in a pickup to collect the money from us. It was making some cracking noises but nothing broke.
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Im headed out now to get a line wet. I'll get a pic or 2 possibly.