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Aug 12, 2006
A friend of mine is fabricating a new tool to assist with leverage in felling. There's already a device on the market for pushing... this other device is for pulling. I can't give more details, but I'm excited about it >>> I think this guy is onto something.
Have any of you ever tried levers for felling ?
I have to admit that during the research stage of this, you've gotta have trees out in the great-wide-open. But if it pans out, it could be a very useful tool for directional felling in tight quarters.
Got Feedback ???
Hard to provide feedback until we have a better idea of what's in store. We might be able to help a lot with the R&D....get us some pics!

My only advice is to get a patent before taking it to any manufacturers or retailers. I've heard too many stories about somebody who invents something cool and then takes it to a manufacturer only to get rejected and then see their idea in Arborage magazine 6 months later.:X
Aint it the truth, Bounce.

There's been a number of cam and lever devices developed as aids in falling trees. I bought one once, cant remember the name though. Well, after using it a few times I became discouraged with the device and went back to conventional methods.
It kind of amuses me that people attempt to reinvent the wheel.I certainly don't mean this observation to be a negative but the whole thing is just elementry physics .Little in the way of hand tools has changed or improved in centuries if you really think about it.

A little case in point,wedges.Rather than take the chance of ruining a saw chain using steel wedges a great invention popped up,the plastic wedge.You can hit it with the saw,no damage or minimal.New,only in materials.The old timers used hardwood wedges and got the same results.

The hydraulic tree jack,good deal.A screw jack will do the same thing and did years ago.

Those contraptions used tie off to the base of a tree to use for lowering big limbs etc .Nothing more than an adaptation of a cleat used on docks for sailing ships, used since mankind has sailed the seven seas.

I guess that perhaps by growing up in a farming area that these newer things don't really amaze me as being something revolutionary .Then on the other hand if they do work out to make a certain job easier,I think it's a good thing.

I'm not a pro treeman but I have enough heavy tackle to be a rigging contractor.The use of heavy cable,giant snatch blocks etc. on a tree instead of a big I beam is just another way to skin a cat.It all works.
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Al, you make excellent points. You've gotta know I'm a cynic by nature, and so happen to be the best critic of any device that claims to be a better mouse trap.
But it does happen sometimes.
It takes years to tweak out bugs & perfect an item >>> think about your basic chain-stop-brake. It wouldn't have ever happened without A.) A need and B.) R&D
I've gotta believe that there's a need.
Now, it's up to research & development to make it happen.
Stay tuned !!!