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Hands down, for me, it's the Persimmon!

If you purchase the Variety- "Hachiya" you must wait until they're very soft,, to avoid that most annoying 'astringent' mouth puckering taste...

Another variety to try is the Fuyu/Japanese Persimmon-- that look more like a tomato than the variety 'Hachiya." Oddly enough, they usually come from Isreal not Japan, during the early spring to our supermarkets and fruit stands.

All you do is cut in half and suck out the insides, squeezing as you slurppp up it's sweet insides...;) When done, just discard the skin, then use your fore-arm to wipe your chops...

I could eat a million of these things! Mmmmmmmmmm-Mmmmmm!!!


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The last persimmon I had was OMG not ripe.

I just barely nicked it with a tooth before my whole mouth went dry and tasted like battery acid smells.
never tried a Persimmon, sold lots of them over the years working at the nursery. Around here the popular ones are Fuyu, Giant Fuyu and Chocolate. Asian persimmons mind you, different from the american persimmon (I looked it up in a book to be sure).

my faves? hmm, bananas and gala apples.
Without a doubt:

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Without a doubt:


I've never had one, you may need to send a few my way....:D

And interesting enough Paul,, though the persimmon are my favs' Bananas and Gala apples are enjoyed my be almost daily....

The Persimmon is a rare treat for me here,, just like the Pomegranate....
Nothin's beats a perfectly ripe, drippy, sloppy, slurpy peach.
Jackfruit and mangoes, ahh and peaches and lychee..
I buy one jackfruit every year, usualy weighs around 15lb, i'm the only one who likes it, tastes like 'juicyfruit' chewing gum, infact wrigglys wanted a gum that tasted like jackfruit..
Jack fruit ain't bad.....durian...another story.

Dragon Fruit can be real sweet but I think you have to get them from the source (go to Vietnam!). Even then, stay away from the out of season ones grown with supplemental light.
can't make my mind up on Durian , the taste is ok ish, bit onion like imo, but the smell eek
can't make my mind up on Durian , the taste is ok ish, bit onion like imo, but the smell eek

I think that is the whole idea about Durian, this thing about being repelled and attracted at the same time.

Most of the imported fruit we get here have been picked unripe, so it's not that good. However the pakistani mangoes get picked late and flown up here, those are wonderful.
A different kind from the mangoes that are grown in north and south america, these are yellow with a buttery texture, not stringy at all.

When the cherries are ripe, they are my favorites. On my land I have a collection of cherry trees, 26 trees of 16 different sorts. ( and 13 different plums+ 8 diff. apples + 9 diff. pears.........yep, I like fruit!)