Far and Away


Sep 6, 2006
central Florida
I saw this and I'm just passing it along. The first issue looks pretty good.

Today is the premiere of a new e-zine, a sort of electronic journal of outdoors prose and imagery.

"Far & Away" debuts New Year's Day, 2008 with a small issue of outdoors stories and images that the creators believe will grow and become a venue for writers and artists alike.

The online mag is dedicated to what the publishers generously refer to as the "field sports" comprising fishing, hunting, paddling, camping and more. But what makes it unique is what it won't include within it's electronic pages.

"Far & Away" won't have gear reviews, tell where the trout hot spots are, or offer reloading advice. There'll be no discussion boards or chat rooms. It will however be reminiscent of the outdoors magazines of the "golden age" that once published Robert Ruark and Gene Hill, Robert Traver and Harry Middleton.

Created by Roger Stouff of Louisiana, Gary Henderson of Florida and Larry Offner of Louisiana, "Far & Away" is all about the stories and the images.

In fact, the submissions guidelines specifically describe what the magazine is intended to contain:

"We're not interested in technical articles. There's many fine and outstanding places for those. We don't want gear reviews or how-to. We're not into photos of someone with an outstanding brown trout or redfish, unless it goes with an accepted article or captures a special moment that tells a drama without words. Give us your heartwarmings. Your absurdities. We're ready to laugh, to nod in somber agreement, to feel melancholy, to cheer you on. We want to read a story and have to spend a few minutes absorbing it. We want to look at your art and lose ourselves in a time and place in the frame."

The magazine can be found at http://www.farandawayonline.com The publishers hope to publish an issue a month and encourage submissions. They believe writers and artists can find a place there to share their work with others who appreciate good field sports literature and art.