Excess equipment.

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Steve, I wouldn't actually use the chipper. But I have the perfect guy to use the chipper, pay me back for the chipper and chip anything that I need chipped. ;)
Good luck.

I've been seeing ALOT of stuff for sale locally here. More and more every week in the classifieds and on the side of the street. I hope I can hang on, as a lot of the fly byer's can't keep up with the economy.

(I am not saying that's why you are selling either, just stating local observations)
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Some of you guys know I buy and sell alot of equipment. I buy when I need and sell when I am done with it.

Brendon, check to see how thick the printed version of TreeTrader is getting. There is alot of equipment for sale out there.
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Yes, we have used it. Its a nice machine.