Ethanol in gas

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Here in Washington all gas sold at stations now contains up to 10% ethanol. I've heard ethanol will cause an engine to burn hotter and could be bad for 2 strokes. So does anyone have any experience with this? I'm thinking maybe I should start mixing fuel a little richer like 40 or 45-1.
10% ethanol will not hurt anything although I always stay on the rich side for mix. Say 40/45:1
Bergie, it's been that way in winter season for many years here to your south...and I think up WA way, too. Maybe you are just noticing it, but this is old news...if you haven't had problems in the past, you are not likely to see any now.

I don't do anything different with my mix, but like Rotax, I have always mixed a little rich year around, say 0.9 gallon to the 2.6 oz (or whatever it actually is :)) bottle. Haven't burned up a saw in over 30 years of chainsaw use.
I think the talk about this is a bit wrong most times.

If the saw is set correct and run's right it is OK with up to 35% Ethanol, then you need other oil and bigger carburator in most cases. The saws needs to be set correct regardless of fuel.

There has been tests here on 98% Ethanol too.

Most fuels will increase next year as part of a international desition about fossil fuels. Here most have 10-12% but will increase to 15%.

The overheating often discussed can have many reasons and be coused by a combination of things too. It is not esy to tell for sure what coused the overheating/expansion/scoring, but if it would be fuel...
Well more saws would be scored then I think...
I don't think ethanol in gas is bad per se, but it burns differently than gasoline and the carbs need to be adjusted for it. If all you run is ethanol mixed fuel and your saws are set up for it, then great. But in my area, some fuel has ethanol and some fuel doesn't. If you constantly switch back and forth then you'll never get your carbs adjusted right and will be constantly wondering why your saws won't run the same from week to week.
If you can get marine fuel you can bypass the ethanol trip.
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I was asking because as of May 15 all gas sold in Washington has 10% ethanol in it . But it sounds like it probably doesn't matter much.
Here all saws run on Alkylate fuel, It is premixed stabil and without the aggressive stuff that is in regular gas.
I don't know anyone that run their saws daily and in work that mix them self.

It is important the saws are set correct and mix is constantly the same.
Don't confuse ethanol with methanol, even when playing around with methanol (used in racing) I always had to flush the carb/fuel system. Not so with ethanol.

That being said the amount you have to adjust your carb will be minimal at best provided it was set correctly to begin with.