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Echo 590


Jan 15, 2011
Delavan, WI
Congrats on the new saw!

Mr. Nutball is a straight shooter and a good guy to deal with just putting it out there. The 2511 he raffled is so flipping fun to run. I get all giddy when I fire it up and say to myself "it's so whiddle"


Apr 4, 2015
Mt. Juliet, TN
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I got it off ebay. They are a fast growing brand that is quickly becoming popular because of their cheap prices, and possibly a lack of "Made in ____" stickers. "Archer Australia", but the stuff it made in china. Their laminated bars are not to be used since their tolerance on gauge is terrible, and the sprocket doesn't always stick far enough out from the tip to hold the chain off the tip rails. On a laminated bar I got, one side of the .063 bar had around .066-.071" and the other side had .071 to .080. My throwaway limit is .015" larger than the chain, unless I have a larger chain to go to. I also had to toss a laminated .043 1/4" bar after only one tank of gas on my 2511t, because the wide groove kept it from cutting straight.

Their pro bars with replaceable sprocket have much better tolerances, still a little loose on gauge and in the bar mount in my opinion, but they appear to me to be an option to consider. That particular bar on the 590 I bet would run .058 chain really well now that it has had some break in time. I measured .055-.057" with the paint on, and .0585" with the paint and rough surface inside the rails removed, not far off from Stihl and Sugi which might start around .053-56". Also I think they made the stud slot 2mm too wide, not really a problem, but that's a large mount Husqy size.

I have not heard much of anything bad about their chains. Their stuff generally runs at least 2/3 the price of oregon.
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