Don Rickles , what a funny guy!

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Dean Martin roasts was a great show, we never got it over here , when was it on 60's 70's?
Rickles is a genius. It would be an honor to be insulted by that man.
One of my favorite Rickles shows was an old "Tales from the Crypt" episode where he was a washed up, heroin addicted, ventriloquist who has a nasty secret. Bobcat Goldwait plays the aspiring young apprentice who try's to rekindle Rickles love for the show. But little does Bobcat know.......

How would you like for your fiance to take you home to meet her parents, and her father turned out to be Don Rickles.
cute, I liked the part where dean martin near spits his drink out after rickles says 'its great to be at the home"

I followed a coupe of links deeper and found this one, cassius clay giving Pres Bush the 'crazy sign'
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It looked like Greenspan checked his wallet while the President was putting the medal on him.