Dog Woods


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Mar 6, 2005
What attacks Dog Woods? A customer of mine has one that browned out rather all of the sudden. She has several others that are now dead/ have dead tops.

Will get some pics this afternoon.
They are also sensitive to change. Any work been performed in the area? How long ago were they planted?
gets anthracnose, powdery mildew, and borers. They can get skanky when too shaded and constantly wet feet.
in addition to whats been mentioned, we get dogwood blight up here, mostly affects the native, Cornus nutalli.
drought gets em bad; several just browned recently from last years drought.
I have a hard time with squirrels on my little dogwood, they're always chewing the bark off.
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I figured it out today.

Aside from a drastic overwatering over the past months, the area was dug up to do some septic work and the evidence was concealed by pine straw. When I walked over it today and started sinking, a lightbulb came on.

Thanks for the info, I'll give her an update on the other dogwoods tomorrow when I get paid for some other tree work :)