Dirrectional Felling?

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Is there anyone here familar with a felling method called Sorenson directional felling? I'm not 100% on the name but it was developed by some guy from Sweden. Has anyone used it? Were can I find some diagrams on how it is done?
Mount Saint Helen's did the best job of directional falling I ever seen. I tried to copy it but failed miserabley. Could only do an acre or two at a time. and even at that it could take me a couple of days.

Seriously though,,, directional falling is laying everthing in lead, on good ground, slopes, and whatever....

It takes a walk through the timber and developeing a plan to lay it out.

Cross one tree up and you screw yourself.
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Tried googleing it but I must not have the name right.
Sorenson is the guy responsible for the "Game of Logging" educational & training seminars. I think in this case directional felling refers to making the tree go where you want it to go through hinge and wedge manipulation as opposed to the good old gravity method.
I believe he is in the Husky safe sawing video I have. He was using a very open face, and barely cutting into the tree. It was an odd cut, buy who am I to tell him it's weird.

I googled Sorenson "Game of Logging" and got several good hits.

In the 1970's a friend of mine worked for Davey Tree. I remember that Neal took a logging course taught by a Swedish (I think) guy...one thing that stuck in my mind was how they emphasized wearing bright colors so that other fallers would see you. I think this is the guy Neal took his course from...the instructor was pretty famous back then as I understood it at the time.

I am still working my way through the "hits". Thanks for jogging my memory with the name.
If it is the GOL thingy... it deals exactly as Mike described... making the tree fall where you want it to go.

But I was thinkin' along the same thing as Gerry...

... making the tree fall where you want it to go.

... and most of the time they do.At least once though I imagine everybody has gotten that sickening feeling just as it's going over that you may have miscalculated.Too late then,run for cover and hope your insurance is paid up. :O