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Dec 6, 2005
So. Oregon
im looking at a toro tx 413 with a little over 800 hours on it, and a recently replaced engine. comes with standard bucket, trencher, forks and a leveler. the trencher looks well worn and will need the hoses replaced but every thing else looks to be in good shape. thoughts on what this is worth? i have a number from the guy but want some opinions before i tell it. i cant really dump the money till spring but have a friend who may.
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no i didnt think to take any, maybe tommorrow. good shape as in paints all good. just missing the belt guard
I just did a search and found, "i have used the dingo 413 (tracked) and the lift height was way too low." Check how high it lifts when you look at it again.
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ive rented them, its just high enough. id like it to be higher but its enough
Im guessing the tx is a tracked unit?

Diesel or gas?

I bought my Dingo 222 (wheeled) with over 1000 hours on it for 4k about 3 years ago. It came only with forks and a bucket.

I added a top notch grapple (2k) and replaced the motor last year (1.7K).
Ive also replaced about a grand worth of hydralic components and also put on some foam filled tires all the way around.

Ive easily got into it what I paid for it, but it was all money well spent.

If you dont mind me asking........ what is he asking?
The lift height is not the greatest, but it works. They are better suited forwarding devices rather than loading devices. But mine will lift logs into the back of my f700 without a problem.
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tracks, 13 hp gas. i want some ideas on prices (what you all think its worth first)ill tell you tommorrow what hes asking
i got a bmg already and it loads logs into my truck also, the bucket almost fully dumps with out picking up the front end
Too bad my Prowler isn't on the West Coast. I have it for sale. Lifts more and higher than the Dingo. The Toro website shows the 413 with a hinge pin height of only 48" vs 65" for the other Toro track models. The Prowler has a hinge pin height of 75".
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ok here it is. my buddy bought it this am for 6500.00. seemed like a prett fair price to me.
Very good for machine and those attachments. A new trencher alone is over $4K. The pallet forks are about $550. It looks like it may need new tracks soon. Tracks will run about $600 for a pair.
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my buddys gonna keep it for a while anyway, i told him id give him 7k in 6 months for it. thats nearly 8 percent so hes thinking about it. not the machine id like but i wont complain!
I would not go that route, but I live on the east side of the Mississippi; I don't know what the market is like over there.

I prefer tires over tracks, a used Dingo is the way I'd go.
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it is used dingo. ive never ran a wheeled mini but after talking to you guys id rather that also. theres a couple used ramrods local but theyre spendy and like john said
Any mini is better then no mini :D
I meant a 322 or something similar.

That one looks a bit on the small side.

I waited for a few months until I found my sweetheart of a deal. It's similar to a woman, don't settle, wait until the cards are in your favor.
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im making the fudge darin, not her so you have to say nice things about me for a bigger piece:lol:
Did somebody say fudge?

Heh Willie I've been eyeing up a couple of ramrods in your locale, just wish the dammed border wasn't in the way.


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same ones ive been eyeing! maybe in the spring the price will drop as my account rises! tell you what squish, you buy it, ill pick it up and test it out for you till the boise conference where i will deliver it:D sound good?