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I am still using an old school drum, was planning on doing so until I could afford a large, new/newer disc and a bigger truck to pull it. I do alot of small prune jobs and the drum is annoying me on dead wood jobs and the like. I could afford, and pull with my F450, the new 8" Morbark with 34 hp cat diesel.

Little disc or big nasty drum, what would you prefer for pruning?
For pruning.....

Id prefer a disc myself.

I have a 10" Morbark and it suits me just fine
Never used a disc, but we have 3 different manufacturers drum chippers. Vermeer, Morbark, and Woodsman. I have no isue using a drum chipper for anything, pruning or removal.

Each manufacturer has its own little quirks...........
BB, he's not talking about the newer design drum with feed wheels, he's talking about the old chuck-n-duck style.
And yes, the new style drums are a much better design than the disc chippers.
I would go with the older drum. Now that said I am sure my guys that feed the chipper would say new disc. I also dont think the feed rate would be that great on a 34 hp.
me so dumb!

The old chuck and ducks may be THE fastest chippers when it comes to twigs and small branches!
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yah, let me re-phrase - would you rather chuck and duck at a whisper chipper or SLOWLY feed a small disc chipper.

The other day it whipped me across the back of the neck with some hackberry and got me thinking even a small disc is the ticket. I cant take these beatings anymore!!
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They are either incredibly fast when the material reaches the opening or incredibly annoying if crotchy/dead material is resisting its demise.

I think they are sort of the next " rite of passage" for the tree man after he cuts down brush for a year or two. Then you finally start to bid right and buy a nice disc.
I'll tell you this, there's nothing like engaging the clutch on a 16 inch 1:1 drive Wayne chipper powered by a 350 hp 460 cubic inch gasoline V8, with the governer set on "MEAN"

That machine was black hole that would suck in anything that was put in front of the feed chute.

Throw chips over 100 feet when broadcasting, and swaled the chip box bulkhead like a balloon.

Chuck and duck wasn't the word for it. It was approach with caution and run!

When I seen my first Disk chipper with feed wheels I thought, "WTF"
Lol I have a wayne CnD, but with only a chrysler six cylinder in it. It sucks, bleed everytime you use it. I would recommend anything with a infeed. If you're doing mainly trimming then the smaller horsepower might be alright.

I'm still loving my new chipper, even if it is a inferior disc.....Brian!:P
I'll take the old drum chuck and duck any day for anything under 8" wood.

When they're set properly, you really don't get beat at all, even on dead wood.

I must be missing something cause my CnD chips like a hot damn but man you're gonna get whipped and ripped. It's fast on small stuff, but now I cut bigger stuff and just watch it get chewed. :D
I love my Morbark Twister 12. It is a drum chipper with feed wheels and seems to jam up a lot less than the disc chippers I have used which were mainly Brush Bandits.
My old boss's 250 XP would get wood jammed under the disc. It was a pain The chute jammed just about as much as on Morbark's though.
Mine hasn't jammed once, just over 40hrs now. I've put 14" through it no problem. I have to really stuff it in order to get the autofeed to even cycle. 140horse though.8)
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a big block chuck and duck - I'm kinda scared just thinking about it
What did you end up buying Justin? Greenhorn, I might have a Morbark 12" Disc with a 100hp cummins for sale in about a month. I'd be willing to let it go pretty cheap. I need to decide if I actually want to sell it or keep it around as a back up. My brand new Morbark Blizzard 14 will be here on friday.
Well since you asked :D....................Bandit 250, all the goodies except a winch, 140hp JD.


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