Damn We Look Good!


Oct 17, 2006
hartsville, sc
<img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=3&dateline=1208914030"><img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=21&dateline=1201369047"><img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=193&dateline=1193167706">
<img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=54&dateline=1205033417"><img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=518&dateline=1201127388"><img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=122&dateline=1217494899"><img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=85&dateline=1202863368">
<img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=483&dateline=1179835502"><img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=681&dateline=1216726502"><img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=280&dateline=1202868364"><img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=833&dateline=1202864994">
<img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=95&dateline=1217525375"><img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=731&dateline=1202865926"><img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=886&dateline=1209779132"><img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=64&dateline=1182971575">
<img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=1081&dateline=1214540273"><img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=107&dateline=1217460738"><img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=345&dateline=1189207771"><img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=447&dateline=1215485503">
<img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=138&dateline=1202865183"><img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=392&dateline=1196730217"><img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=548&dateline=1201656662"><img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=219&dateline=1159117308">
<img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=186&dateline=1214676849"><img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=29&dateline=1167788575"><img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=492&dateline=1208894738"><img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=499&dateline=1212455943">
<img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=1264&dateline=1214603440"><img src="http://www.gypoclimber.com/image.php?u=780&dateline=1179858331">

I feel like I've missed something?

Lose the belly.
Ok i know critcal as , but you have always given me a hard time MB


Again, what?

Well now, this is weird.

Some MB tomfoolery?

But of course! :evil:

So how did you change the thread's author?

The pics are those who have looked at the thread?

WTF dude, if it's that good pass it around eh?

I'm betting the last post is from Squishy.

nope, from me.


Ha ha ha !!! That is funny !!!


sooo where's my pic?

im with brian, whats the score?

Bloody Hell!!

Time for to change my avatar. haha

Ed's butt sure looks big in that saddle.

I'm so confused.


I'm so confused.

That's ok Nick......as they say, 'if you're not confused.....you're misinformed', so don't worry mate!

I'm in.

well i'm confused but it don't take much

Why that wascly old monkey said my butt looks big! WhyIouttatakeyourheadanduseitasabucketandpaintmyfencewithyourbrainsyoulittlerufscrufsrararararara....


Gonna save this pix!

Do you like my tiara?

Hmm, it gets curiouser and curiouser.

Ed looks like he needs to go on a coffee diet like me!

last one in shut the door

im i in now?

Fishiguts here!

This just gets stranger and stranger as the days go by.

I like it! Birds of a feather.

Last one to leave, take the flag.

Ok,I overlooked this thread.

Last one to leave, take the flag.

Is it supposed to be the avatar of everyone who looks at the thread?

No, 'cause I have looked several times but have not appeared in the montage/collage/herd.

Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing.

:?:?:? It's too early to try and figure this out.

I think Ed's butt looks just fine. Nice butt, Ed.

Its big enough to keep a barstool from floating away.

and thats all that matters

Thanks Che! At least I'm not in need of suspenders. Harness stays nice and snug....

what the hay

It's about time!

Hey safety in numbers!

Ta Da!

(smiley thing)