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Mar 6, 2005
Oxford, Connecticut
Has anyone ever used, or seen this before? A friend of mine was telling me how a guy had this on his Bandit, but I couldn't decyfer it.

Found this on E-bay. It's a Bandit model 90. Look on the chipper tongue, see the log splitter? I guess this would make sense for a smaller chipper, so you can split and feed into the chipper. Kinda neat idea. Looks funny as hell though!


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It's at the wrong end to feed.

Clearly you bust up big nuggets so you can toss them deep into the back of the truck.
That longer tongue would make them easier to back, for sure. That's a good idea and it doesn't take up anymore space. The back of the truck would be right there to toss the wood in.

Two thumbs up.
I modified an old chipper of mine and put a hydraulic motor on the back in the corner of the infeed which you could put either a "stickler" wood splitter on or a capstan winch. We used the heck out of the winch but never did seem to split wood.........
I sure would like to see a pick of the wench/capstain on the chipper. We use the wench of a Hurrican and it kindly sucks. Nice firewood splitter never thought of it
I would like to see a wench on the back of a chipper too! :lol:

sorry Robert, just couldn't help myself
Saves alot of wear and tear on the machine also, I've seen alot of big wood jammed in the infeed causing down time, delays etc............
Bandit has offered the splitter on the chipper for at least a couple of years now. I saw one at the TCI Expo a while back.
That sure would save having to make 2 trips to the jobsite - 1 to deliver the chipper, 1 to deliver the log splitter. All it needs now is a cupholder!
That's amazing! I wonder what that partition in the feed chute is for???

Im guessing it's like a drop feed small lumber scraps wiggle down to the rollers
It's to prevent you from loading too big of a piece. This is a prototype model, they simply modified an existing model instead of building up a new, smaller infeed.

It might be usable for parts, or perhaps replace the electric motor with a gas motor and put an axle under it. But his starting bid is too high for that to be feasable. If you could pick it up for $2000 or so I could see putting the time and money into it to make a decent chipper.