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May 5, 2005
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SO I finally got my little truck back from the spray shop. Its a 15000# gvw Mercedes 814D, 1995 model. It was a curtainsider truck used for delivering TV's and suchlike when I got it at auction.
The chassis was way to long, so I cut it in half and took about 30 inches out of the middle.

Had a toolbox fabbed out of aly tread plate, and picked up a dump body (ex local authority waste body) for $300.

stripped it right back to bare metal, and shot blasted the whole thing. 5 coats of matt chassis paint, and the cab and body done in twopac.

Its been a real labour of love, but its been worth it.




Looking good, Ed! I guess the arrow is for traffic? It that required over there?

What's your plans for signage?
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No the stupid arrow was mean to be removed, but the sprayshop guys carefully ground off the old rusty bolts, cleaned it and put it back on with new bolts.

Signage wise, I'm thinking of some thing very flashy, in maybe silver gray reflective:D
Is there a pic? I can't see one, but it sounds like Butch can.

They are hotlinked from Arbtalk. I suspect they are only visible if you're logged in to Arbtalk. Here you go, I'll upload them here for you.
That is a sweet looking truck, I was suprised to see it raining over there when you took the pics:P Can you believe that we dont go to work over here if its raining:lol:
I kind of like the arrow. It changes direction according to what pix you look at!

Ed, good on you for installing fenders. Lots of guys (myself included) dont put them on figuring that the body will act as a fender. But crap builds up.
Nice looking rig Ed. You are going to use that now are you? It looks to pretty to use.
I hear those Mercedes trucks can get 1,000,000 miles. Is that true?

I like the rig!:thumbupold:
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Mercedes trucks will do a million miles, Ive seen several.
Its a 4litre 4 cylinder engine, turbocharged and intercooled. Its a tad underpowered on hills, but with a full load on and the chipper behind it will cruise at 70mph...