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Chip Box Insert


Tree Hugger
Mar 6, 2005
Oxford, Connecticut
The country is big but you never know who's watching.

Chip box insert is made of 2x2 square, skinned with aluminum diamond plate. Top is removable 1' tall, 1.5x1.5 square, ladder rack to hold an orchard ladder up top and below, pole holder.

Can be welded to the top of a flatbed and would have a height of 5', hold about 8-10 yards. If put on top of mason dump, mines 6' right now.

Obviously dimensions would have to line up, or some fab would be in order. Figure it might be cheaper for someone to fab this, then spend all the time on cutting, fabbing, yada yada.

Aluminum skins cost about $225 EACH when I built it.

Best offer.


The Tree House Loves TreeStuff!