Chicken Breast Marinade


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Mar 6, 2005
Any suggestions? I'm grilling them on my George Foreman, and all I do at this time is just season them, let them sit an hour or so, then start grilling.

Any marinade experts in the TreeHizzHouse? :drink:

with the usual spices.

A touch of Worcestershire's is good too.
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"Worcestershire's?" On yardbird? Are you
"Mojo Marinade" from Sam's Club. I use it on chicken, steak, filet mignon, I even mix it when I make burgers. Marinate overnight if possible, but a couple hours will work too.

It's mostly grapefruit juice, vinegar, and orange juice. Add some spices and you're good to go.
Try a bit of mustard with Teriyaki sauce.

Or go for the usual Lemon with a bit of garlic.

We got a George Foreman fat grilling machine for Christmas, and I have to say, for a grilling device, it does a great job.
Food TV! Hey Boss, I am no great chef but when I want ideas I go to the foodtv site and see whats going down. I check their ingredients etc then wing it. :D no pun intended!
Sometimes we use plain ol Italian dressing, the zesty kind. Put the chicken in a ziplock bag, pour the dressing in and leave it overnight.
I've been meaning to get a few extra bottles of Chiavettas and free raffle them off to all you poor souls without access to it. I'm telling you man that is good stuff.
Very popular for fund raising for churches, schools, and volunteer fire depts. around here.