"Chick Dunking"...ya got to see this!!!

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Hobby Climber

A co worker mentioned this to me at work today and I thought she was kidding. She's wasn't kidding!!!

Four guys toss this skinny girl up in the air and she does a back flip and goes through a basketball net on her way down!:O

Go to YouTube and punch in "Chick Dunking" to see it for yourself! Its un-real.

( youtube.com/watch?v=w9WZ-ti96Tw )
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More CGI, MB? :lol:

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That's at least three years old, mate. 8)

And it's faked

Sure its fake:roll: ...next your gonna tell us that Santa and the Easter Bunny are not real! ...Just as my folks did when I was 10 year old. ...and they were wrong too! :P


ps- well it may be fake but it sure wowed me the first time I saw it on YouTube!