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Mar 6, 2005
How do you make a . with the keyboard? I think I can access the internet, but I can't cypher how to put the . in so I can type in the address.

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The dickins you say.

Lemme try...

Nope, that just toggles the caps key.
on my old phone symbols were available under the zero key, tap it then either tap it again to scroll through or use the # key to scroll through. Whats the model of the phone Boss? I forgot already
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It gave me a file 404 not available. I guess you gotta pay extra for that.
Ha! A 206 page user manual? How many people actually read those things?
My phone already has a . on the keyboard, just below the ;8)


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On my Black Berry when putting in an address or email, space bar puts in the @ or the . Two taps while typing a message (double space) puts a period in and starts the new sentence.
Mine has a key for @ and . also, but it has a short cut for it in certain fields.

On my other phone the "." is the 1 key, @ is in a sub menu.
I tried the PDF link again, it seems to work fine MB...

my phone has a "." as a key... :P

the error? fair enough. I figured it was a prob with the link I put up. If the phone doesnt want to go online, I would say its about time to go see a dealer rep and get them to figure it. :)
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It keeps trying to get me to buy some ringtone when I attempt to access the net.