Carlton Chippers

They sold them where I got my Woodsman. They just seem like another copy of Bandit. I do like that jack stand on the back though :). Personnaly I know nothing about them besides they are new.
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Well the story I've got is they are a breakaway from Bandit about three years or so ago? Not sure of the details. They are slightly cheaper than Bandit around here for comparative features.
What happened to that low hour chipper you were looking at last week? Did the other guy buy it?

oops, just got yer PM. ;)
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Apparently he did. Weird equipment dealers they've held that machine for over two weeks with no deposit or nothing. And when I called them last friday they said they had talked to the 'potential' buyer and that he assured them that his financing was in place so they were going to continue to hold the machine for him. I really don't get it other than this machine is small potatoes to them. By last Friday afternoon still no money had exchanged hands, I told them I'd call them at the end of this week to see if it all went through or not. Sucks missing out on that machine, right under my nose.
I work with a guy who has a 2512. It's built like a brick shithouse. Never fails to start, I've only seen it choke once... when a guy fed a bunch of wisteria into it. Took about 15 minutes to clear. You can open the rollers and get a 14" tree started in it with the winch and it will eat the whole thing no problem.

The guy that owns it says he has no complaints.
2512.....nah. Go with a 1590, blows it's doors. Never clogged it, and I STUFF it daily:D
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1590 = mo money.:D

Bandit is a rip up here, monopoly by one distributor.
my thoughts were "looks like a bandit" also. i know they make a mean stumper but i know nutzing of their chippers
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Nothing that I know of? If there was a decent one available in Canada I'd probably be all over it.
Don't know how good the full Conehead is, but their Discone is a POS. It is very lightly built and the one my son-in-law has, has had the frame cracked at a couple of places. He had to pull the engine to get the frame boxed and welded, and it cracked again at the same place. There is a weak spot under the engine where the end of the sliding tongue is apparently putting a lot of pressure on. This also lead to the corner cross rail cracking at the weld. Next time I will take pictures and post it.