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Here is my Cousins' son, Adam Wallace. Tough young MOFO playing for the Windsor Spitfires. Are the Windsor Spitfires in a league similar to our AHL??

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For you hockey fans, our MSU-Bottineau Lumberjacks are playing for the NJCAA Championship at 2 pm EST today against Monroe Community College of Rochester,NY. The game is in Canton, NY and is streamed at if you would like to listen. They advanced yesterday to the championship game with an 8 - 1 win over North Country Community College of Sarnac Lake, NY. I will be cheering on the Lumberjacks this afternoon.
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Ha !! MCC is about 15 minutes from me.
Windsor Spitfires on Wiki
They are in the Ontario junior hockey league, similiar to the US AHL, they dont appear to be a direct farm team to any NHL franchises but they do have a long history of producing solid players to the league.
Results of the National Champion:
Steve, our MSU-Bottineau Lumberjacks repeat as the National Champions. They defeated Monroe Community College 6 - 1 this afternoon in Canton. As one of the announcers said, MCC was confident coming into the game and then they ran into the MSU-Bottineau Buzz Saw.

I think the 4 warm up games in the past couple of weeks with a pair of AAA Senior teams out of Manitoba helped. These were players who were ex Division 1 and pro players, in their late 20 -30's, stronger and smarter. We only lost by 1 in two of the games, and won one of them by a couple I think.