Buckthorn Control ?


Nov 1, 2005
Any ideas on how to get rid of the buckthorn. I have a customer with ten acres of woods and it is being taken over by buckthorn. I was thinking about renting a forestry mower and mow the crap. Did any of you guys have success getting rid of it by mowing it?
Between Buckthorn & Autumn Olive, our meadowlands and natural open areas are being swallowed up... oops, forgot Virginia Creeper.
The only control I know of is what you mentioned... over & over & over. It takes vigilance to keep it at bay.
I'll be watching this thread with interest. Maybe there's 'mojo' for it that I don't know about ?
Good luck, mek !
Ten acres is a big area. The mower will knock them down nicely, but then you have ragged stumps to deal with, and they'll grow back ten fold if you don't use poison or grind them.
The next problem is the soil is surely covered in seeds and small Buckthorn which will now grow like mad.

You need to mow regularly and/or get other plants established.