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Dec 6, 2005
So. Oregon
wifes cleaning out closets, thought some of you may want in, otherwise they are going to good will. ill pay shipping, just say which ones you want, you can have all or one, first drawn gets choice


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oh yeah tommorow eve is dead line (sun night)
I used to have Haynes manuals for every truck I owned when I was younger. Great resources when you need to get the truck fixed but cannot afford the $75 per hour shop rate plus double price on parts.
It all ways amazed me how folks will get a new or new to them ride; and have to think of all the things they just had to have for it. Spot mirrors(not a bad investmeant), lights, was, seat covers, smell goods etc. they go nuts just having to get everything they can afford. One of these manuals; is the best accessories (and cheapest) that you can get for a vehicle.
I've always wondered how guns come apart......why not, count me in.
Put me in for the revolver take-apart manual, if you please.

We have 'the book' for just about every vehicle/piece of machinery here.....always comes in handy.

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blinky gets the toyota
squishy gets the ford
and the wifey drew che for the revolver book
pm me your addresses and ill post them asap
squishier, is that your first win? wow.

thanks for offering up Willie, as mentioned, good karma 2 U amigo. :)
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waiting on one more and we wont mention any names che :/:
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good, i was thinking they were on a slow boat! your welcome
Got mine Thursday. Thank you Willie, hope I can return the favor sometime.