Best Ascender??


Nov 30, 2006
Any recommendations for ascenders? I'm thinking of ordering a left handed ascender for a simple SRT system; used the CMI and it seems pretty golden 8)

Here's a pic I saw on the treehouse mainpage that brings up a different pic each time... Anyone know this ascender, looks cool :)




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I think that's an ISC Yates ascender, very nice, ~$170.00US per pair.

I use Petzls... mainly cuz I could buy'em with my discount at REI.
That is one of my ISC ascenders. As far as I am aware, it is the only one that is built so strong. That pix was taken some time ago. I now wrap the handle with cushy tape.
I like the CMI expedition double handled single line ascenders over the Kong doubled handled ascenders.
Hard to find good ascenders unless you do an on-line search and buy over the internet.

I have found some good stuff from here before:

or just do this:
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Nick, are the deep groves on the handle of the ascender cumbersome?? Seems like I move my hand around a lot when advancing the ascender.

Real bad design of the ISC ascenders is that the plastic finger grooves riveted to the handle have this curve at the bottom which digs into my little finger. Maybe my hands are too big.

Butch, are you asking what ascenders are? The type we are talking about are for going up the rope and have a hand hold built into them.
Never heard of any Petzl's failing......they are made lighter to save weight
But there
. Hummm, my writing proficiency or lack thereof is showing, again.

Does anyone know what the SWL rating is on the lower hole of the CMI expedition ascenders?
Never heard of any Petzl's failing......they are made lighter to save weight

I have only heard about it happening once I don't know if it is true or not. It was at a trade show and the person, whose name escapes me right now...but I'm sure I'll remember it...said he was in a tree and maybe was climbing on a roof and went around a limb...or a chimney or something...the ascender got bent and snapped.

Again- I don't know if it was true or not, but this is the story as it was relayed to me, in front of Denny Moorhouse (off DMM and ISC fame) while talking with him about his ascender and why he beefed it up.

alright skeered to climb now.:\:.....1300? lets se the vid, I call urban legend on that shat....:lol: We sometimes focus on numbers, but I say where is the REAL data? Your not supposed to take the whip on why panic about whose is the strongest? You WHIP, youre' rope will suffer. Hell, I got buddy who's in his late 50's......climbs on original jumars, I beg him to buy a new pair:O