Bergertrasse Germany

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I have to go on a business trip soon to Bergertrasse Germany. Anyone been to Germany???

What can I expect???
Germany, yes
Bergertrasse, no.
In fact can't find it either.

I did find this in Frankfurt

Berger Street

The company I work for is based out of a suburb of Frankfurt.

That whole part of Germany just ain't my bag. I am a Bavarian fan - it has all the things that are the best of Germany. Bavaria has beer, pretzels, Oktoberfest, lederhosen, biergartens, oh, and the Alps.

Frankfurt is fine but dancing with sprockets just ain't my kinda thing. Everyone speaks english, you'll do fine.
Nate's your man. Treetx.

What he said. Plus, there's German spoken there, I hear ? Had to say it before somebody else !
Give us more details, JonesGuy. Do they even make Jonesred in Germany ??? What gives ? LOL
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I am an idiot, I am going to fly to Dusseldorf and then on to Witten Germany.
stay away from Johnny's Burgers in Osnabruck, they had some serious issues with mayo portioning on their hamburger and the tater salad, well, it isnt worth going back for. :)
Been there many times. Best advise I can give you is read up on etiquette; especially at the dinner table.

Speaking of which, get used to eating a long and hearty lunch, and a light supper; it's the norm there.

If you can't say something in German and pronounce it correctly, don't. Some of the old-timers find it quite insulting.

German itself is rarely an issue, as there's almost always somebody nearby who speaks some english- more around the bigger cities and towns, less around the country, but still true.
I was in Frankfurt in '87. Too bad I wasn't really old enough to remember it so well. I will advise not accidently bumping the E-stop on the escalators at the airport. Never seen so many heavily armed people burst out of nowhere before in my life.:O Heidelberg Castle was sweet. They've got a keg(wine cask ?) in the cellar bigger than my house.

Never been as far north as Witten but I love the parts of Germany I have been to which is mainly Southern Germany. Hopefully the place you're going isn't too much of a big city. Find out if there is anywhere interesting, (historically or otherwise) around Witten and take a train to see it if you have time. Germany is a much smaller country and the train system is amazing and simple to use. Just go to a ticket kiosk and buy a ticket for the type of train you want, Regional Express etc., and go.
Being next door neighbours to germany, I've always seen it as something I had to travel through to get to the rest of europe. A nuisance, in other words.
Southern Germany: Schwartzwald, Bayerishe alpen etc. are nice though.

Of course, living next to Germany and Sweden has greatly helped my understanding of foreign policy matters.
Southern Germany is a great place. I worked a lot in Hiedelberg (stripped all the Ivy off the castle walls), and its a col little place.
The beer and the Bread is the best in the world, if you get a chance go and visit Schloss Neuschwanstien, the castle disney based its logo on.
I love the Bayerish alpen.
Never been outside the airport, but got stinkin drunk on jagermeister and some beer that I forgot the name of, in Frankfurt.
Have fun!
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Allright, I have this figured out now.

I am going to Dortmund Germany. 7 days of which 2 are at my discretion. What is there to do there??
Dortmund..ahh! Middle Earth! Don't ask me. I was in Bavaria and if I could escape, it was the mountains, Austria, Italy.

I say grab a few brews and see the sights!
You will be nowhere...

If you have two full days? Go to Amsterdam...
Yeah the beer and the bread rock...
And it is supa fun to drive 200 k an hour , but i hear they r slowing all that down now.
If u cant go 2k and hour in your car stay the heck out of the fast lane ....
And it is supa fun to drive 200 k an hour , but i hear they r slowing all that down now.
If u cant go 2k and hour in your car stay the heck out of the fast lane ....

dont remember any unlimited speed areas in Amsterdam.... Autobahn in Germany in parts, yes, but Holland highways? not that I know of.