Bandit model 90


Oct 17, 2006
hartsville, sc
I am selling my backup chipper.

1993 brush bandit model 90. spare set of knives and a spare feed roller motor. 50 hp perkins diesel direct drive.


Runs well, Had biodiesel in it for almost a full year.


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Timing.-I'd love to get a second chipper but not right now. Good luck with the sale.
For somebody just starting out a chipper that runs good is more important than looks. Spending 30k plus on a new machine right out of the gate is not always a good idea.
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WEll paint is cheap I'll give it a proper coat the color of choice. Make me an offer, anyone. Hell if I like you, I might get the decals for it too.
had a 90 GMC with 35" tires and 6" lift kit with bigass horns on the front - and a confederate flag license plate - yah - I'm a redneck
I just did a mapquest from Ceres, CA to Hartsville, SC, 2675 miles. Actually that is less than I thought it would be. Can you get me about a dozen of them like that? Even those chinsey little chinese ones are over 5K new here. I think you could sell the hell out of a chipper here if you could sell them for something under that price.