Sep 2, 2006
crane balls that is....I use a 70 ton tidano a good bit. It uses the 4 part to lift counterweights, then usually I just two part and go.

this time I tried the single line...pain in the ass to get it since it is stowed in the floor of the crane in front of the cab. But dang, the critical stuff is shielded from branches and one is not tied in above or the hook....happy medium I guess. I like it:D

On the 4 part, I use a FS through the handles...I know it's schetchy:O:P

heres one of the bullet and the other is the "big" johnson8)
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full view......all the critical stuff is inside the "bullet"
The 40 and 60 ton cranes we get sometimes have a spot where we can slip a shackle on and then run the FS through it. I do like the bullet idea though!
I agree, you've got some strange looking balls there. All the other balls I've seen are more or less round, though varying in colors. In fact, I know a guy with green balls. The big johnson looks familiar though. I usually use a single line except for the really big stuff.


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Cool ball!

We use single part line on both our 60 tons as well. Our winch is good for aound 12K, and thats all we ever need so no 2 part line set-ups. We use a round 285lb spin ball.
I'm guessing the load sensor thingy that tells the operator how much he's lifting. I forget what it's called.
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it protects the clevis pin thingy inside that holds the ball to the cable....

the female is operative number 9........human "rig em roll". heres' my collection agent
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the ball is different.....everything else is the same on all big cranes.....I like the fact the clevis is protected. A buddy of mine uses a padlock to replace the clevis...very nice IMO.
John... Are you talking about using a pad lock to replace the clevis pin? or the clevis itself?