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Paul B

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Mar 6, 2005
Burnaby BC
ok techies my question is this:

I have a micro cassette recorder with about 2 hours of a Shigo seminar talk recorded. I have a cable to connect that unit to my computer microphone input plug. What software will enable the transmission and recording ? PC, Win XP platform. I tried the WAV recorder but it seems to limit it to 60 seconds at a time for a file.
Two hours is a lotta file. You'll need something specifically specialized to compress it on the fly because 2 hours of any WAV audio is WAY BIG!
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cool! thanks Rumi, I am downloading it now and will see if it cooperates.
Cool. I'm not sure, but I think you may have to record it in the raw format, which will take up a bit of hard drive space. Once finished, though, you can easily export it as a compressed sound file like mp3.
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seems like its working, thanks again for the software idea Rumi. Only prob is my source tape that I recorded is apparently SHITE quality. I will do my best to make an MP3 from the tapes. sigh.
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ok, second tape is better quality. I am thinking I might burn a CD with the files that I can garner and I will send it to a treehouser. Listen, copy, send it on. Deal folks?

hmm, how about the first ten people that say so in this thread I will put to a draw and fire it out. ok, game on, and Squisher, you are already entered so go easy snowplowing man. :)
Better yet, find someone that can host it on a server so that we can all download it.
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hmm, not a bad idear. the first file is about 42 megs, MP3 format. I dont have access to the server for my website, anyone want to host it? how do I upload it to a site .... Dont really want to put it on a public site like youtube or whatever, not sure if they can handle MP3 anyways...