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Mar 6, 2005
Oxford, Connecticut
Anyone here have any size experience with Asolo boots? Do they run true to size, big small, skinny, yada yada?

Sierra Trading Post has the "Fugitives" I've been wanting decently priced. My $200 Red Wing Hikers are junk. Last pair of them I'll ever buy.

My knees and back start to hurt when the footwear is breaking down, and it's time indeed.
They run relatively true to size, if not a little bit skinny. I'm currently wearing these:

Great boots, well made, light weight, good fit (except for one metal eyelet that wants to dig in a little). I have a wide foot so I'm rather limited on which boots I can buy. I can't even get a standard width on my foot.
I wear 10.5 wide and these fit great, but without a lot of extra toe room. I have another pair of Montrails in 10.5 wide that are a bit too big. But there's not a lot of difference, and moving up or down a half size would probably make it worse instead of better.
I love Asolo's. I don't climb in them, but I own five different pairs, all the way back to the Globaline Merridians, to the 520's, to some of the newer offerings. My foot is a very standard 10.5, and they all run true. I've got one pair that like Brian said, the toebox is on the small side, but not to where it's uncomfortable.

Asolo and Sportiva...that's it in my book.
Mine are 14 regulars, fit like a champ.

My left one suffered a blow out. I was planning on them making it to september so I could get them in person at REI, but they aint gonna make it. Ordering new ones next week I figure.

Fugitive GTX is my current model. 13 or 14 solid months of performance. I have three pairs of foot wear. I wear my Asolo's about 60-65% of the time.
Anyone here have any size experience with Asolo boots? Do they run true to size, big small, skinny, yada yada?

The fugitives seem to run true for size. Maybe a little skinny, as others have said.
The one place I don't like them is on wet painted or slick surfaces. Seems the soles are slippery in that condition. But I keep buying them so they are not that bad.:)
I'm not familiar with asolo's... or any of the other boots you guys mentioned cept the red wings. I religiously wear my steel toes to work everyday..... I hope I'm not the only one that climbs in steel toed boots.
Hope I'm not derailing with that last post.... sorry, long day.
I've had great experiences with Asolos. Just bought my second pair; first pair lasted me about 10 months and were still fairly solid.

For me they run true to size. I have skinny feet so not sure about the width.

My left foot loved Asolos, my right didn't. I remember fondly when my feet used to agree on such matters. Leather is more forgiving on feet that are different. If you have normal feet buy the Asolos, they are good shoes.
I have SuperFeet as well. It's the first insole I haven't managed to wear through, although the plastic heel cup is showing some stress, I can't rightfully blame it.
Aku are very good.

I have the Asolo 520s...been in them for about a year now and I love them. I usually wear a 10 and my 520s are a 10. I love the fit, and they feel great with my superfeet in them!

Mine are 14 regulars, fit like a champ.

:\: Holy smokes Carl! You must save a lot of money on waterskis! :lol:

I have a pair of custom made Wesco's myself. They are sure heavier than Asolos, but they're the best pair of boots I've ever worn. I have irregular feet like Daren and have never been comfy in regular sizes.
Yeah, they're definitely on the heavy side. That's why they call 'em heavy duty though.
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Thanks for the feeback. Just ordered the Fugitives.

With the "you shop here too much" coupons, I got them for $100.

Hope they fit!

How much? Did Wesco do it?

They rebuilt mine about 6 years ago for $225. Basically, all they kept was the upper leather part.