Anyone try Google 411?

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I'm gonna try that. Information calls cost $1.99 per on my phone.
I don't get free text messaging, though ... I wonder if there's any way to ask it to not send the text ???
I use it all the time. You can't use it to find a person...but for businesses, it rocks!

"call's recorded. GOOG 411, what city and state?"
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I have it in my speed dial as #4 (for 411). Just tried it and it works great.
TC3, you need to request them to text the info or they will just connect you to the business. You can also just request details and they will give you the address of the business and the phone number by voice. Since I have unlimited internet on my phone, I can also have them map it to my phone for driving directions. It is even better than regular 411 and it is free.

Google Search, Google Earth, Google Sky, Google 411 and Google email are all great programs for free.
With all the FREE STUFF from GOOGLE - why is the stock where it is? GEE i needed that to retire. . . .