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Aug 25, 2005
Ceres, CA
I would like to fix this saw up now and I need a handle for it. Does anyone know if it is like a carpenters saw handle or if it would have had something to put a second hand on it? Here is another picture of the handle end.


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I beleve that is a drag saw blade, not hand saw.

Better trade it with a collector of drag saws for a normal, these are not easy to find in good shape.
There is a place that sells them, I will have to look tonight when I get home.
It will feel pretty weird to saw with this as it cut on pulling only it seems from the filing.

You mean there are new dragsaw blades for sale or handles for saws in general?
I snapped a couple of the saws I have. There is 12-15 more, but they are two man saws, wrong handle.

A easy handle to make that gets strong for both pulling and puching:



I snapped a pic of this, it was used in Stihl logging championships in Germany.

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Thanks Magnus, is a drag saw blade is one made to go on a machine? I have a couple of other large handsaws and I thought this was one also. I didn't think there would be handles for sale. I was just hoping to see one, so I could try and make one.
Take a look at this outfit, Steve. Anything you want related to crosscut saws, the man-powered variety. The link is to handles they sell. The last item on the page is definitely the best type.

If you are interested in using and maintaining a crosscut saw, this book is the FS manual, pretty old but a top notch reference. I was surprised to see these folks have it, I have an old copy and have wished that I could get more but thought it out of print.
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Yeah, that looks just like my blade except it's a little shorter. Thanks Magnus.
The last is very used, it is filed down to half the blade!
The have this filed to cut both directions, it will not get much bigger than this cut.
There are shows all over the world in most city's more or less with old engins.

I would love to find one of these old hit and miss engins.

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Yeah, it seemed for all the back and forth they weren't going through the log very fast. Glad I was born 50 years too late.
Started renovating my old cross-cut this weekend, met a guy who worked the old style pole-lathes, and he knocked up some new handles for a couple of £'s. now just got to get the rust off, sharpen and set it, and grease it up!!


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Nice looking handles!
It still looks like a lot of W O R K!!!!
Maybe clean it up, prime it and have someone paint a landscape on it:lol:
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Way cool.

Here is my next handle project.


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