American Gladiators

the name Laser seems to ring a bell. and Storm... hmmm, maybe I should watch...
I used to watch it. I was waiting for a "costume malfunction" on one of the female gladiators.
Haha there were like 20 guys all named either "Lazer", "Blaze", or "Blazer" if I remember right
Hahaha, I'm watching and it's hilarious. There's some fruit named wolf that howls all the time and Hulk Hogan is one of the hosts or whatever.
It looks fun. Most of the challenges look climber friendly. And the chicks are hot.
Not that I remember much about the show now but "Gentle Ben" was my favorite TV show as a kid. A big bear, the out doors and an air-boat...need I say more!;)

One of the ESPN's is running re-runs of the original gladiators. My son can't believe it is a real show.
watching the end of the show now, ha, its about as good as the first run. with the Hulkster(tm) hosting. thats cool.

I must admit that I found Elly May both wholesome and toothsome.

(I'm responding to the Petticoat Junction memories as far as AM GLAD is concerned -I'm sort of watching a recording of it now. Just as wild and harebrained as the first rendition.)
Yes Benny hill was good fun. Loved the lacey chace scenes. Get rid of that helga thing(yuk) need a little more focus on the gals and better costumes:/:
MXC is better than gladiators and Grizzly Adams was the best ever.
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