All Gear 5/16" Kevlar Prusik Cord

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I purchased some of this cord recently to make a lite weight lanyard. It has worked out very well. My question is how self abrasive is Kevlar? I have about 10ft left over. I was thinking of striping the poly cover and covering it with left over Bee Line or HRC cover for naked eye to eyes. Bad idea?
Can you get me a link to the rope you are asking about? I think you might be thinking of their Technora cord, but I could be wrong.

I wouldn't be concerned about the sef-abrasive part. Kevlar IS self abrasive, but we are using it at such a low percentage of it's breaking strength that it is a moot point. Just keep an eye on it and retire it when it no longer passes your inspection just like you would a regular rope.

Covering it would be a grand idea, as long as the splices or knots that you use are good ones.

I've got some of that rope. I don't like it so much for a hitch cord. Too tight for my liking.

Sorry, there was a typo in my first post. I would NOT be concerned about the self abrasiveness.

Also- I myself would not hesitate to use the rope as you are describing. But if you wanted to be sure, the best way to know would be to contact the manufacturer.

That kevlar in the pic looks a lot whiter than I'm used to seeing.


I've got a piece of that lying around here. If I can dig it up, I can find out if the core really is that color. It might've just been ever so slightly over exposed, making it seem whiter/brighter than it really is.

If the weave of the core is as shown in the pic, that'd be a perfect one for doing a locked brummel in the core, leaving an exposed eye like beeline or HRC.

However- I think the piece of that cord that I have is thinner than 5/16ths. I think the core is a lot less beefy than what you get in beeline and HRC.


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My core is yellow in color. Raw Kevlar.

I really like the braid of the core as well. It is very similar to All Gear's 16-Strand Technora Tech Cord.

Called All Gear they said...naked eye with locked brummel or class II double braid will work fine. I went naked with a HRC jacket with my left overs. It feels very nice.
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I buried a strong 5" beyond the locking brummel. Not sure how to post pictures. I'll play with it. Might get ugly.
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Maybe? O.K. that was easy. Green is Maxi Jacket.


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