All Euro/AU/NZ Members........Need your help

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I posted this at the Buzz as well...............

I am looking for some pricing and availability of some Stihl items that are not available stateside. I saw these items at the ITCC, but didn't get a chance to ask the owners where they got them and how much they paid.

Stihl Safety Glasses
They were clear and orange with tinted lenses and wrap style

Stihl Pants
I *believe* they were the trousers, they were protective chainsaw pants similar to the Stretch airs.

Stihl Backpack
It was a simple black backpack with orange Stihl logo on it in multiple spots.

I would be willing to pay the cost, shipping, plus some extra for the effort for anyone who has access to these items.
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Wish there were pictures, I have no idea what the names of the items I want is.
Thanks for the link!
well try phoning him up.....the descriptions you gave are pretty self explanatory, i see the stihl backpacks at all the shows, ive owned the glasses, they come in black, orange, yellow, and clear, and theres pretty much just the one stihl trouser.
or log in to arbtalk and pm him
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See the glasses on the womans head all the way to the left, thats the ones.


And again on the left.........


And these ones, on the right.....

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Yes they are different. I thought that they were the same as the US version as well, but they arent.

I am most interested in the wrap style in the last photo.........