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Darin, can we please get a new AA Steve for our winter enjoyment?? Its been so long. C'mon tell us one we haven't heard or maybe you could call him up and catch up??
ill call him an tell him darins stumper is down and he might be able to help:D
I keep his number in my phone so it comes up on caller ID and then I don't answer. He has gotten wise to this and has an unlisted phone now. He called the other day and cornered me on the phone for about ten minutes. It always starts the same...

"You working?"

I told a customer who has two enormous front yard poplar stumps to call him in December and to tell him they want their stumps ground for $250. I said not to mention my name and to expect him to refuse at first. If they stick to their price he'll fold. I am a stinker.
Can't help it, Darin >>> Everybody loves a loser... even AAS !
You just gotta love how he's so "Up North", so "Piney" so... so...
My brother told me about "Pinies" >>> Up north of PA, in the backwoods. Mosquitos rule, wait on your gub'ment check, 24-pack o' beer costs $5.99...
I actually have family like that. God luv 'em, they know how to let chit roll off dey backs ! Plus, they can spin a BS story like nobody's biz >>> as long as there's a check dangling at the end of it !
Keep Steve alive. He's an integral part of our Tree-Chopper-Downer world.
All American Steve has found religion and someone who wants to help him. Steve's definition of a good Christian has always been someone who helps him. So some guy who brought a brush bandit demo to Boise is going to partner up with Steve in Seattle. Boise is too small of a place for AA Steve, bridges have been burnt, enemies made.

I hope Seattle is ready for All American Steve.