A new rope to ID

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I posted this on the Buzz, but they don't seem to have a clue. :P

So... can you all help me ID this rope? The core is a 12 strand hollow braid, and the cover is a smooth white with red tracers. It doesn't glaze as much as beeline, and it's really nice and smooth. A friend of mine Jack got it when he worked for a company in town, but we wouldn't let him use it unless he could ID it. I've messed with it a little, and I like it enough to want to know if it's "legal" or not. Here are some pics.


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Looks like New England Sta-Set, a double braid polyester. I think it would be stronger if you tied off the eyes with a double fisherman's instead of using a core splice. Half the strength is in the cover so you're cutting the weight rating in half with your splice.
I've been using it for as long as I've been climbing on an advanced hitch. I wouldn't consider splicing it like that though.
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Yeah... I was teaching myself how to splice these split tail constructions, and only thought about the splice after I did it. ...stupid. I have some more though, and I like it enough to buy some more if I find it.

Ohh... and you guys rock!

...I was just reading the description, and am I right that is doesn't meet ANSI strength requirements. I'm pretty sure it said the 8mm is only 3,000. Although, that may be ok with both legs attached.
It's odd that you say that it doesn't glaze as much as beeline. Sta-set as shown is polyester cover and core. A melting point of less than 500*. Beeline has a technora (blended with polyester) core...but the technora is around 800* melting point.

Is the glazing you are experiencing with your beeline just on the black strands, or on all strands?

And yes, the rope you show is super safe to climb on, but tie it, or splice it as a standard polyester (class I) double braid.

I've found that it will glaze quicker if you're using it on a new lifeline that is still waxy. But on rope that I've used for a while, I can use the same hitch cord for a looooong time without glazing.

And the 3/8" won't heat up and melt as easily as the 5/16". No reason to use the smaller hitch cord, the 3/8" is a lot smoother also.
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I really wish the core was strong enough to climb on cause I was just messing with it, and I don't think I have enough left to remove the splice, tie knots, and still have it long enough to climb on.

...I hate wasting rope.
Sta set is great performing stuff and it's cheap. It used to be all I used, before I started messing with all the new fangled hi mod cords (thanks to Brian!), but it really performs as well as anything else I've tried. It doesn't last as long, but that's made up for in its low price.
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Thanks again!! We're on a pretty tight budget right now anyway, so thanks for the info.