3.9 cummins diesel what HP


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Aug 5, 2005
Found a 250xp BB with a 3.9 cummins and was a wondering about what HP that would be?
Guy near me selling a 1995 BB 250 xp and 1995 dump with half chip box, like i like ,with a cummins (both) for 23000.
Im very interested .:P
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With both i could sale my 88f 700 and my ghetto chip truck and finally beagn working two crews one full time and one maybe three days a week
It should add 40k a year to my overall profit if i bust my asssss
It is 100 hp. I've got the same chipper, except its a 1994.
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One hundred and thirty HP i think i may have found a deal.
We need another part time set up badly
Please dont none a yall go buy it out from under me ...
Heck, I'll sell you my 1995 F-700 and the 1994 BB 250XP for about $5000 less than that. :D


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Your chipper looks alittle beat but shoot if you will sell both for 18k
How will we get it to me?

I dont think ill buy his truck .
Maybe the chipper i dunno i need a back up chipper bad
$23k doesnt sound like a deal to me for truck and chipper. With the economy slowing prices on used equip. has been tumbling.....
My chipper does have a lot of surface rust. I was going to have it painted before putting it up for sale, but a decent paint job will cost me over $1000, so I've been putting it off. Otherwise, it runs great; we used it daily while my Morbark was down, but for the most part it's just been sitting idle for a while.
Jerry, Brett is real close to Tampa and he would probably pick you up from the airport. Fly down and drive the truck back home. It's all interstate as his lot backs up to I-75.
I'll check the mileage on the truck tomorrow. It's got four brand new rear tires and was repainted about 6 years ago. I bought it brand new from Southco in 1995. The chipper was purchased brand new also in 1994. I've got clean titles for both and I'm ready to sell if you're ready to buy. Here's a couple more pics.


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Seems like an honest example of that year and make of truck and chipper to me.
I mean that the truck and chipper do not look modified, beat to within an inch of it's life, and still appears to have a long service life left.
Look at the hopper of the chipper, no big dents. Look at the locker door on the truck, no dents, look at the tailgate of the truck, no dents. Look at the bottom of the fenders on the chipper, no dents. The sides of the truck do not look splayed out as when happens when craning in too big of logs.

Looks like the bumber was re-done, but the fiberglass fender has a rip. Must have been a small impact, prob. manuvering the truck in a tight area. The damage does not look like a moving accident otherwise the damage would be more to the front. But this is guessing. And fiberglass is so easy to fix, it is not a deal breaker.
Have to pop the hood and root around in there to be sure. Is the truck an auto or manual? What is the service record? I seem to remember that the seller mentioned he bought it new, that could be a big plus. Or not :)

Mind you, it could be that the truck was driven by desperate crank addicts on a mission with poor impulse control, and the chipper could have been used to chip old lumber with nails, pitchforks, and rocks. Hard to say without actually touching the equipment. I would tend to take the sellers word at face value if only because they are a member here, and go out and check it out. Personally.

Trucks and chippers are easy to determine their value on the open market for whatever area they are being sold in. ONly thing left is to determine accurately if the price is within that range.
Skwerl helped to sell his truck by attempting to be transparent with every detail of the truck. It worked, and the new owner seems happy.
sorry for the confusion.
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Somebody tell Mr Sir to gimmie a call
he has been out all day ...
Where are you?
I fly down bring cash ...
I did some climbing work for Brett 4-5 years back, and the chipper was parked then. Brett had recently quit running two crews and the BB was delegated to backup since Brett and the crew preferred the new Morbark. I don't think the chipper has been run much in the last 5 years other than when Brett's Morbark grenaded last month and they used it for a couple weeks.

The truck is a standard shift. Lots of gear storage also. The fender was dinged years ago.
Frans is right about the fender damage, it's minor stuff. The ding on the right fender was a tall skinny Australian pine that my crew said, "could never hit the truck, we don't know how it happened, the notch was perfect, the fall was perfect, it just hit the truck somehow." :roll: The break on the left side fender was from the driver's foot slipping off the clutch and running into the handle of my little Dosko walk-behind stump grinder. It didn't damage the thin tubular handle, but it was enough to break the fiberglass. Just one of those things that I never got around to fixing. The truck had a professional $3000 paint job in 2001 and still looked brand new for a few years after that, but now it's beginning to show some age. The fuel gauge quit working, a couple of the boxes are missing the locksets, an the bench seat is torn up pretty bad(that actually started coming apart within the first year or two). It's a good, strong truck though.
So, should I get them all prettied up for you? Maintenance is all up to date, just need a good wash and vac. When will you be here to pick them up?
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Let me mull that over the chipper has over 3000 hours so i might need to spend alitle more for a lower hour machine.
I said id never buy over thousand hour machine.
Truck seems ok kinda high priced perhaps i havent seen it though
Do you think it would make the drive form you to here in chattanooga 3 hours north of atlanta.