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I am extending an offer to all TB/TH members.

15% off all Arborwear products that I have in stock, or can get from AW warehouse until the end of June.

Buyer will pay all shipping charges

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Has anyone tried the new(er) tech pants without the side pockets? I have a first generation, and the pant legs are real floppy, almost like bell bottoms.
The pocket less tech pants have a little better taper than the pockets model. Mine don't have double knees though. Can't tell much difference in coolness factor either. But easier on the wallet.
OK, what tech pants are they - the ones without the flaps on the back pockets and NO cargo pants. WELL if that be them.., NO i do not like them- they are CUT different and do not fit this body the same as the cargo pocket tech pants, they are tight in the back end and upper legs. they also have MESH in the pockets and I have (oh my) caught a finger nail on them. I would not purchase another pair - and would be willing to trade these for a REGULAR pair with someone. (cost difference -I have sand size 36x32)


Single Front Tech Pant
(Imported): Style # 106010
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Hmmmm, another disgruntled customer.

Can't fault A.W. for that. Shoulda returned 'em right quick.

I was hoping that these cargo less tech pants would be lighter and slimmer than the others. Damm.
Only thing they had to do was sew them without the cargo pockets! WUWD? (wud up wi dat?).
I didn't care for the tech pants either. I bought two pair a while back, wore one pair once and sold both pair at a substantial discount to Bivyless John.

I've been wearing the Dickies carpenter work jeans from Wally World for years. Last time there they had them in green and tan (called them 'duck pants') and I bought a couple pair of the green. Great work pants and they are only $16. I'll be buying more whenever I'm in there as they usually only have 1-2 pair in my size.
the pair I got from another houser are too big, waist size is 2" too wide and the rest of them are just baggy-ass. the material I dont fault though, they have been comfortable in warm sweaty weather (last year) and in light rain or under raingear.
I like the Dickies carpenter work pants too, except I have been buying them from Savers [2nd hand store] for about $5, when I can find them. Otherwise I just buy what looks and fits good for $3 to 7.
HEY Guys

I love my Arborwear TECH - with Cargo long pants and shorts - and in fact - I have two shorts and four long - it is JUST THIS STYLE -
Single Front Tech Pant
(Imported): Style # 106010

that I am not pleased with . The ones with the cargo pants are all I wear - all the time - i only own one pair of jeans.

My AW techs are - THE THING to wear for me - I love the cut and the way they fit - soft against my skin,m they HUG the curves and muscle - - I am even on the Pants in Action site -showing them off. I will stand by those any day of the week - just not the single fronts.

needed to clarify that

(sorry you are gone Paul Taylor)
I wear them to both weddings and funerals..........and work in them everyday.
I just got off the phone with Paul Taylor. He's doing a bit of treework and making plans for the next step. He's content and happy.
being Content and Happy is wonderful - i loved to chat with him - a great guy

I am one of the 7 women that are on that site -

hint -

i am the only one in shorts