100' roll of Stihl 36RSLK


Sep 6, 2006
central Florida
I have a box of chain that I bought by mistake and can't use. It's Stihl 36RSLK, 3/8", .063 gauge, full comp. It's the same as the Stihl 36RS except it's been square ground. It can still be filed with a round file, just a bit extra time on the first filing.

I have all 100', but I've already spun up two loops of 84 drivers each. I'll include the 4 bags of master links and plenty of the little boxes to put the loops in, and all the little pamphlets that go in the little boxes. My cost was about $250 plus UPS shipping and handling so make me an offer.

Gary might be able to tell us what UPS costs are to ship this box across the country. ;)
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I may even be talked into spinning it up into loops if you don't have a spinner. Just trying to make the best out of an unfortunate mistake.
ill think on it if no one else wants it. im trying to get away from full comp
Yeah, Im thinking to and All I use is full comp except for my realy long bars
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I just heard back from Gary, he said the store was willing to take the roll back. I'll get about $210 back out of it after shipping costs.

Final offer of $225 plus shipping if anybody wants it before I ship it tomorrow.
Brett, if you want it I can deliver, I'm going to St. Pete tomorrow afternoon.
I'll pass. Thanks for the offer though. Things have been extremely slow here the past month or so.