Zama Carb

High Scale

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Sep 9, 2005
Bristol England.
Can anybody provide me with an exploded diagram of a Zama carb for a MS200t?

Eg, I would like to see how the diaphragms are placed.

Did you see how they recommend using sealer on the Welch plugs but don't tell you what kind of sealer to use. Maybe cause nothing really holds up anymore? I am tempted to try epoxy on one I am sure is leaking. The Zama is noted for them leaking.
I never popped the plugs out of a carb,never needed to .

The old stand by for welch plug sealer ,ready for this ---fingernail polish .Nothing besides acetone will touch it . Pink ,red ,clear doesn't make any difference .
Al should have his own forum 'Ask Al'
And he should get a buck a question or better.
I kid you not about the fingernail polish .Tear apart any old HL Tilley and most of time you will find some .

It was used for a bunch of stuff before red Loc-Tite was ever made or even thought of . Oh you can use all types of sealants ,some work some do not .

Three things that will almost always work are Permatex number 2 ,Indian head gasket shellac and fingernail polish . "Old School " has been around longer than me .;)