It's good to be back online! Those douches at Ipowerweb barely got it together I tell ya whut. :X

I can't believe Tom Dunlap deleted the thread I started at the Buzz. Thanks a lot, Tom. Someday I hope I can return the favor.

Anywhoo, viva la TreeHouse! :rockon:

Better take some of that t shirt money and pay your web hosting bill, Butch! :P

They're paid up till july next year, the bastids.
Well let me tell you, 4 hours of computer surfing without the Tree House is BORING! I almost considered turning on the TV.
Well AS bites to say the least and the TB aint no TH! Glad we'er up & running!!!

i don't post that much but i was starting to get worried. makes me appreciate this place all the more.
Wow! Glad the TH is back!!!

I was gonna suggest Butch write an email to the forum people and then everyone can send it to them from their computers. Maybe shake them up some.

The deal with Tom really seems like poor sportsmanship... or something. :what:

Tom, you read these posts, could you give the TH an explanation as to why Butch's post giving us a heads up as to what was happening disappeared?
I visit this site dang near every single day... usually more than once.

It did seem weird not havin' access for that short time. Glad we're back in business... :thumbupold: