Dormant hero!!
Dec 6, 2005
So. Oregon
my buddy sent me some photos of a 7x7 bull elk swimming across fish lake just 30 miles from here. pretty cool


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pew pew. Elks is some tasty meat. I wish we had elks running around here. All we got are whitetails and deadtails on the interstate.
On my last Canadian fishing trip, there was a moose carcass in the water about a quarter mile from the cabin. Best guess is that he broke through the ice and drowned about 30' from shore.

That is a beautiful animal, Willie. :thumbup:
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id guess 10ish years old but its truly a guess.
there was a story in outdoor life a few years back about a moose swimming across a channel in AK and a killer whale ate it!
Look in his eyes, Butch. You see that? That's all survival instinct there. No way would an animal like that ever allow himself to be kept.
I've known a few people that have raised red fox kits that were orphaned .They will forever remain wild and have the wild instincts irregardless of being in proximity with humans .

The problem with getting a baby anything wild and raising them in captivity is they trust humans too much . Even the fox kits developed a little trust around the people they were familiar with . A little testy around people they didn't know though .

To release a captive is about the same as giving it a death sentence .
To release a captive is about the same as giving it a death sentence .

And so many people don't realize that. :(

The secret to raising wild critters is you can have only ONE. If there are two or more they will never really bond with you because they realize they are different. When they are alone they think they are human critters and become domesticated much easier.
My God would I be excited to see that monster bull in my crosshairs.;)

I've seen many bulls that big... just not when I'm hunting for them.:(