Who are these guys?

isnt Paolo the arborist in Italy that Marc C hangs with? he has some posts there.. Looks like the board has been up since like october of 2006
Butch, what ever became of that other tree forum you found several months ago? I remember several of us signed up and started posting for a week or so, but the admins wouldn't even identify themselves by a first name. Then Ekkka showed up and I deleted the bookmark and haven't been back since.
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I lost the link when my old computer crashed. It was a google ad link from here, originally.
Yes that is Paolo's site. He is the designer who contracted out Safety Technology to actually sew up the TreeFlex
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Wow, I haven't been there in months and only two new posts. I wonder who those fuggers are?
Paola is a very well respected European Arborist, especially in rigging and climbing rope etc. for trees that has extended to working at height in general. He has written several HSC documents such as Ropes and Friction Hitches used in Climbing Operations. Mahk quotes him in at least one of his articles; my buddy knudeNoggin and several others make reference to his works in the knotting wierld. Some think he comes on a lil'strong at the Buzz; but he is a helluva knowledgeable contributor and works hard at understanding and sharing.

Even though i haven't been able to make it to any of Scotty's parties (could barely walk the last one); i think of him as a good guy; and all ways figured he had a lot to do with Outcctt. i respect all efforts, that don't have degrading others in mind as one of the primary focusses(or even allowances). Just because MB rolls it off so naturally, doesn't mean that it is easy, especially for the less gifted.
I checked it out, & it's good stuff. A bit dry, but hey ?!?
I'm gonna post 'em in my faves & check 'em out every now & again. Seems like good input et all ?