What's Your African Name?


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Mar 6, 2005
Come on, you KNOW you wanna know! Find out here!


Current name- Brian.
From this day forward, you shall be known by all your brothers and sisters as:

In order to get the most out of your new cool sounding African name you need to have it legally changed. Changing your name is a rather simple process which involves the following:
1. Filling out a couple of forms.
2. Take the completed forms to the Clerk of the Court's office at your local County Superior Courthouse for approval and filing.
3. Obtain a hearing date from the Calendar Clerk. This is often the same person that you just saw.
4. Take forms back to the Filing Clerk for required publication.
5. In case of a minor, a search may be required.
6. The court will charge a filing fee of about two hundred dollars. (We are not sure if Mr. Farrakhan would pick up the tab, but it might be worth looking into).
i put my name an it came back as Shausha?????? whats up whit dat
Tried it in reverse:

Louis Farrakhan
African Name Generator Results
Throw away the white man's name of:
From this day forward, you shall be known by all your brothers and sisters as:
Malcom j
Gary's, "What's Your Porn Name?" is still my fave...
The name of your pet & the name of the street you grew up on.
Tina Connecticut at your service.
Oh... my 'frican name is Shuakwe, which to me sounds like so many, many black ladies' names. Yawn.
This is odd...I punched in HobbyClimber and it came back: "Huggy bear"!

Hmm, Shaft & Huggy bear!

I noticed that each time you enter your name...it comes back with a different African name!

Just for kicks, enter your Tree House name & see what you get!

I'm Shausha too. Then I did it again and it said I'm Sheetswa.